Monday, March 30, 2015

March ALYOF goal met!!!

I set as my goal finishing the rainbow quilt.

It's done, but hasn't been delivered yet...

rainbow quilt

Linking up!  Trying to decide on my April goal.....

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

I love a great pattern!

I love pattern testing, especially when the designer is someone I've gotten the pleasure to meet in person or someone I've interacted with a bunch online.

One of my favorite peeps to pattern test for is Jess at The Elven Gardens.  Not only is she fabulous, her patterns are gorgeous with super clearly written directions.

I just tested for her newest pattern, the Starjump quilt, which just released on Monday.  It comes in three different sizes: crib, lap, and queen sized.

I loved it so much that I made two versions of the lap sized pattern.  One is still waiting for me to quilt it.

One version is rainbow and is going to be gifted to a lovely friend who needs to be reminded how much he is loved:

rainbow quilt

Here's the back:

rainbow back

The second version is going to live with me.  I'm not usually a coral/turquoise gal, but the Art Gallery fabrics I used for this version are buttery and fab.  I haven't gotten to quilting it yet, mostly because I want to try something different and I'm not yet sure of what my quilty plan will be.

pattern testing

Jess is giving me a copy to give away to a reader.  If you want a chance, just leave me a comment on a quilt you're excited to try this spring.  If you want to grab a copy of Starjump (and you don't get lucky on the win), Jess has it available on her Payhip shop.  I'll leave the giveaway open until 6pm EST Sunday, March 22 and will pick a random number then!  Please hop back to Jess's and check the other folk's versions.  They are all so different from each other.  A mark of a good design if ever I saw one!

Sunday, March 1, 2015

More FAL finishes...

Just running a few more updates:

Hermoine socks:

Hermoine socks
Pixie Hat:

Pixie hat
In season socks:

In season socks

Reverse Psychology:

Reverse Psychology
Brickless (now blocked!):


My March ALYOF goal is to finish the Rainbow quilt.  It's basted and partially quilted.

Rainbow basted

I've also almost finished quilting my Hazel quilt.  (I used scrap monster #1 on the back).


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Saturday, February 28, 2015

In under the wire...Feb ALYOF done!

Don't know why it took me so long...
yeah, I do.
Afraid of messing it up.
And then actually messing it up by rotary cutting through the binding when I was trimming it.


But it's done!
and it's going to Guild tomorrow for show and tell.

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Monday, February 2, 2015

Feb ALYOF goal on!

My goal should be easily doable.  In fact, I have no real reason why it hasn't been done yet, except that I'm a bit scared of messing it up.

hexy mf

I got my Hexy MF back from the long armer at the end of Dec.  (This pic is the pre-quilted top.)  I just have to sew on the binding.
Then I have to photograph it and submit it for a local quilt show.  Since the deadline is coming up, I need to get it done.

That said, my Feb so far is crazy.  I'll be working at school most weekends this month.  I'm tired.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

First Finishes of 2015 and Jan ALYOF goal met!

I'm a ball of nervous energy.

It happens every year.  Around class play time.

I am an evil combo of exhausted and needing to make make make.

It doesn't help that I haven't been eating right since the first cold hit last year.  My weight has creeped up again, and my knees are bother me.  Time to reboot that weight loss because I have a physical coming up in the spring.

Anyway, when I have had enough attention to make things, I just want to keep going.

I've knitted one brickless shawl:

pics coming soon

And a second (it's even blocked!):

brickless #2

Finished my first pair of socks for 2015, the Hornet sock by Heather Walker:

Hornet socks blocked

Sewed three batches of knitting bags:
Batch one (my Jan ALYOF goal):

knitting bags, set 1

Batch two:

knitting bags, set 3
Batch three:

knitting bags, set 2
Wound a crap load of skeins.  (Each bag has a skein in it.)

Make a set of pillow cases:

pillow cases, set #1

and another:

pillowcases, set #2

They have met the nerdy level necessary for our house.  The Pirate (hubs) approves.

I started Scrap Monster 1. Sadly almost have a top and  my scrap bin looks untouched.

Here's one of my items for the #bitchesgetstitches swap.  I had fun on a shopping spree for extras before I mailed it out.

#bitchesgetstitches swap

Oh, and I painted three flats worth of set....3 of 3 feet each...and some extra because I'm worried I cut one flat too small.

I've also got a top done that I'm pattern testing for a friend.  Haven't taken pictures of that one yet.

This weekend, I have to program a light board, assemble the three towers, decorate a throne, decorate a gingerbread man's head, and cut up a ghost costume.  Oh, and copy  the program.  Geesh.
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Friday, January 2, 2015

Quarter 1, FAL 2015

2015 FAL at On the Windy Side 2015 is going to continue in my long line of crazy lists.  This year will be a year of using up scraps and stash.  Which isn't to say I won't add to it....cotton + steel, I'm looking at you.  I know I've got some Doe headed my way as a Christmas present.  I know I won't finish this the first quarter, but I also don't know which WIPs/dream quilts/knitting will strike my fancy, so I'm throwing it all up online.  Something will stick.  First up is getting the knitting organized and getting rid of some scraps.  I'm starting scrap wrangling this weekend while I'm waiting for a yarn swift to get here.

Sewing items:

1. catvent (cotton + steel version)
catvent cotton + steel

2.  Hexy Diamond
Hexy diamond used for 4x5 mosaic'

3.  Marcelle Medallion
Marcelle progress

4.  Gypsy Wife
Gypsy Wife

5.  Moda block party
quilt wannabe

6.  Starbright 2
starbright 2

7.  Meridian 2

8.  Tangential
part of the border, Tangential

9.  Little bitty broken star
broken lonestar

10.  Tear Drop quilt

11.  Heal knee sock quilt
knee sock quilt

12.  Dr Who Embroidery sampler
Dr Who!

13.  Knitting bags 2 (first 6)
knitting bags, set 1

14.  Knitting bags 2 (2nd 6)
knitting bags, set 2

15.  catvent quilt (lizzy house version)
catvent scraps

16.  placemats

17.  Modern Medallion
Modern Medallion makings?

18.  Scrap monster 1
scrap monster 1

19.  Scrap monster 2
scrap monster 2

20.  Bitchesgetstitches swap item
#bitches plan

21.  Plastic Bag Organizer
kitchen plastic bag dispenser

22.  Patchwork City quilt
patchwork city

23.  Flannel PJ pants
pj pants

24.  pillow cases, set #1
pillowcases 1

25.  pillow cases, set #2
pillow cases 2

26.  Rainbow quilt
rainbow quilt

27.  Halloween Donut
Halloween donut

28.  Steampunk quilt

29.  Knitting bags 3 (set of 6)
knitting bags, set 3

30.  Hexy MF (needs to be bound, but I have to deal with class play stuff first....not killing myself to make 2014 deadline)

hexy mf


Knitted Items:

1.  Brickless

2.  Peacock Mittens
Peacock mittens

3.  Pixie hat
pixie hat

4.  Sock Scraps blanket
sock yarn blankie

5.  Felted shawl
felted shawl

6.  Brickless 2
brickless 2

7.  Reverse Psychology scarf
reverse psychology

8.  Hermoine socks

9.  In season socks

10.  Queen of Beads Socks

11.  Rogue roses socks

12.  Fraggle squiggle socks

13.  Knetted socks

14.  raven swirl socks

15.  Katniss socks
Katniss socks

16.  Jan Mystery socks--Hornet socks
Jan socks

17.  Feb Mystery socks

18.  March Mystery socks

19.  April Mystery socks
april mystery socks

20.  Ariadne sweater
ariadne sweater supplies

21.  Tardis Shawl
tardis shawl

finish-along total 0/51

I'm excited to cut up some cotton + steel!

I'm linking up as soon as it's open.  I have one more finish to finish this weekend from 2014 as well.