Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Sewvivor- Throwawenchintheworks- Ella

I'm taking a risk.  I'm entering Sew-vivor.
I'm always encouraging my students to take risks and stretch their abilities in new and exciting ways.  This seemed like a fitting challenge to take as I approach my 40th birthday!

Rach over at Family Ever After is hosting it!  It's kind of a sewing version of Survivor.  Right now it's audition time.  (It's not too late if any of you want to enter, too!)  They are picking the top 16 to compete.  I'm super excited that it's focusing on quilting challenges this time.

If you've never visited my blog before, let me introduce myself.  My name is Ella.  When I'm not attached to my sewing machine or cutting mat, I can be found working with elementary age students (I'm a teacher).  You might also find me shimmying somewhere in the Atlanta area.  (I've been bellydancing for almost 14 years.)  I'm not currently dancing in any restaurants but rumor has it I may be teaching dance soonish.
The feet you may see under some of my quilt pics are most often my husband's.  We have a dog that is part American cocker spaniel and part Muppet.  Our cat is mildly evil and sports tuxedo markings.

I learned how to sew from my mom when I was little.  My first quilt attempt was for my dorm room and involved stitches...ironically from a sliding glass door, not a rotary cutter.  I come by my bruises honestly.  I'm the tail end of a long line of klutzes.  I didn't sew for quite a while in between that quilt and now.  Fast forward to 2011 when I had an actual summer with nothing else going on.  I decided I wanted to learn something crafty and came across a bunch of quilt sites online.  I made a blog..which led me to meet a ton of awesome folks, inspired travel, and resulted in a LOT of sewing projects.  It was really hard to choose one for my entry, but I finally did.

Penny Sampler

I picked this quilt to enter as it's the one I've worked on the hardest.  It was the result of a Penny Sampler class from Rachel over at Stitched in Color.  I worked on a lot of techniques that I either didn't know prior to the class or I generally avoided.  I loved the paperpieced bits of the quilt...the horses and the flowers.



 I fussy cut some octopi.

i heart octos

Octo detail

 The Octopi from Salt Water are still one of my all time favorite fabrics.  Ahem.  I may have some make a dress at some point.  I appliqued, both by hand and by machine!  I anchored the blocks in a simple stitch in the ditch on my machine and debated FMQ options. In the end, I decided I had to hand quilt the monster because my FMQ skills couldn't be trusted with a quilt top I had worked so hard on.

So, there it is.  Hat thrown in the ring.  Risk taken.  Wish me luck!

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Giving her an overhaul...

I'm working on spiffing up the blog.  New header.  Trying to archive my quilts finally.
Any feedback appreciated.
The only progress I've made so far this week is on my Hitchhiker.
I think I have 21 teeth done.  Wooo!

Monday, July 7, 2014

FAL, Quarter Three, 2014

Finish Along 2014

Keeping the whole "list it all" method.   I know the summer is kind of winding down for me.  No idea what the group I'll have in the fall will be like, so no real concept of what I can and can't get done.  I am not crazy enough to assume I'll come close to finishing it all, but I like having all the projects already in play written down in one place.

Sewing Projects:

1.  Hexy MF--going to finish this in July and send it off to be long armed.  (Also my ALYOF July goal)
Hexy MF

2.  Marcelle Medallion--I need to make at least some progress on this one.
Marcelle progress

3.  Tear Drop quilt--starting Long Arm budget for this one.  I'd like to get all the pieces ready to mail off.

4.  Hexy Diamonds--this is kind of a long term project.
Hexy diamond used for 4x5 mosaic

5.  Sidekick bag-version 2.  I think it will match the 1st but maybe have a blue lining instead of the orange.
Sidekick Tote supplies

6.  Meridian #2--starting in Sept when it's cooler

7.  Tula Sampler--I have 43 blocks cut, but I only have sewn 5.
Tula Sampler blocks

8.  Black/White/Color quilt..I have all the blocks, I think.  I need to find some sashing I like still.  This one might end up being a 100 quilts for kids quilt.
black, white, and color quilt

9.  Gypsy Wife--I have 2 months of the QAL done, but I really need to catch up.
May blocks for Gypsy Wife

10.  5 Needlebooks..I need to finish these and mail them off to the folks I've promised them to.  I already have envelopes addressed and ready.
remaining needlebooks

11.  Journal covers..I need to finish these.  I'm thinking these may be sewn and saved for holiday gifties.
Journal suppies

12.  Bitty Broken Star Lonestar baby quilt..I want to get this one done in July/Aug.
broken lonestar

13.  L's quilt--It's going to be a Nested Churndash!  This one is a priority to finish in July.
L's quilt

14.  Converging Corners--this may become something other than a quilt.
Converging start

15.  Wellspring Sampler..Also needs to be done in July/Aug. I want to give the 2 quilts (one done, this one the 2nd) to be delivered ideally in Aug to the Guild.
Wellspring sampler

16.  Heal Circle quilt  (Aqua and Coral)..still waiting on blocks.
Heal Circle quilt

17.  Knitting bags..I want to have a few done to gift to my knitting kids in the fall.
knitting bag supplies

18.  Reversible Box Tote..I've been saving the monsters for some awesomeness.  I'm trying to make finishing my knitting stuff more fun.
reversible knit bag

19.  Dr Who embroidery sampler..I may hold off this as a bday present to myself to start.
Dr Who!

20. EPP orphan from Katy..I think this may be a bag.
orphan EPP

21.  Christmas Star...I planned on doing this one last year. Um..yeah.
Christmas star

22.  Placemats..these will go to Meals on Wheels.  Need to get some done!

23.  Crazy Twisted QAYG...all the pieces should be coming home soon.
Crazy Twisted Starter

24.  Catvent quilt (scrap buster)

25.  Modern Medallion
Modern Medallion makings?

26.  Steampunk quilt

Knitting Projects

1.  Peacock mittens
Peacock mittens

2.  Central Park hoodie..I'd like to have this done this fall.
central park hoodie

3.  Pastel Hitchhiker
pastel hitchhiker

4.  Leaf need to find the pattern.
Leaf sock

5.  blue sweater
blue sweater

6.  Icarus shawl
Icarus shawl

7.  yoda hat...I need to figure out the ears.
yoda hat

8.  Cable scarf..finally relocated the pattern.
cable scarf

9.  Black Cardigan...just needs to be sewn up.  I hate that part.
black cardigan

10.  Socks Scraps blanket...this is a VERY long term project.  I have one section out of like 5 done.
sock yarn blankie

11.  Grey vest...just needs side seaming and thread burying.
grey sweater

Um...yeah 37.  We'll see!

Saturday, July 5, 2014

One last finish!

Finish Along 2014

I sewed my Sidekick bag in time for my trip for a cousin's wedding!
It was on my Finish Along Quarter 2 list posted here.

Sidekick bag

I'm ridiculously proud of this bag.  I think my poor husband has heard me say exactly that about 40 times today.

I would definitely make another.  In fact, I need to make at least one more for my mom for Christmas.

Total number of finishes: 18

Thursday, July 3, 2014

ALYOF Goal for July

All I want to do for July is finish the applique on my Hexy MF and mail it off to the long armer (if she'll still take it) by the end of the month.

Hexy MF

It's been sitting and sitting on my guest bed waiting for me to get it done.  Now I will.
Ahem.  That is all.

FAL, Quarter Two, 2014

Finish Along 2014

I had an insane goal list for this quarter's finish a long.  I posted it here.  I was kind of operating on the whole "throw it all at the wall, see what sticks" method of finishing.  That didn't stop me from starting a billion new projects. I'm trying, slowly but surely, to clear my Knitting Bin of Shame out completely.  It's a process.

So, here was the list I posted back a few months ago.  Finished items are posted in red.

Sewing Projects:

1.  Hexy MF--This is one of priorities for next quarter.  I have an awesome longarmer on tap.  I need to finish this and mail it to her.

2.  Marcelle Medallion--Meh. I worked on the triangle bit and stalled.

3.  Teardrop quilt--didn't touch it.  Going to have to budget another longarm fund for this one.

4.  Hexy Diamonds--minor progress.  It's coming with me, I think, on a trip to the family.

5.  Converging Corners--I'm thinking of merely giving this one away.  It's just not stirring me, and I have a lot of other baby quilt designs to make (or waiting to be gifted) already.

6.  Sidekick Bag--might get done before the cut off for posting.

7.  Meridian #2--waiting for next quarter.  Too hot to think about right now.

8.  Starlight #1--Done!  It may be going to a new home this summer.

Starlight #1

9.  Starlight #2--Done!  Gifted!  She loved it!
Starlight #2

10.  Penny Patch--Done.  It's been my summer snoozing quilt.  The Art Gallery fabrics feel so luxurious and cool.
Penny Patch

11.  Tube Quilt #2--Done!  Gifted!  being used by an adorable little guy.
Tube Quilt #2

12.  Tula Sampler--I cut out 43 blocks.  I've only sewn 5.  Other projects got the priority.

13.  Black/white/color quilt--I'm still trying to decide on sashing.  I think I'm making a smaller quilt than I originally thought on this one.

14.  Needlebooks--Done!  I gave away almost 50 at Stash Bash.  I have a few more I'm making for folks who didn't get one, but I'm calling this achieved based on sheer numbers.

15.  Metal Clasp purses--Done!  Mailed to the bride!
exterior clutch

16.  Gypsy Wife--Some progress.  I want to make this one a priority on the next quarter.  It's fun!
Gypsy Wife

17.  Feathers #2--Done! Back it in a blanket.  I have to give this one to someone.  I can't justify keeping it given that I already have the AMH version.
Feathers #2

18.  Cluck Cluck Sew Squares and Stripes Geek version--Done!  It's totally obnoxious.  I can't give it away because I love the individual fabrics too much.  This might be my car quilt.
Cluck Cluck Sew Geek Quilt

19.  Stitched in Color bag--done!  So, I realized in the making of this that I cut something wrong, but I still love the fabrics.
Stitched in Color bag

20.  Red/Purple quilt--Done!  Going to be donated, I think.
red/purple quilt

Knitting Projects:
1.  Peacock mittens--absolutely no progress.

2.  Sherbet Shawl--done.  I'm trying to decide who is getting this for Christmas/Hannukah.  The truth is that I love making shawls, I just haven't figured out how to wear them enough to justify keeping all of them.
sherbet shawl

3. Pink cinnabar and spice sweater--This one was a bear to assemble.  I'm not sure if I'll keep the crochet edge as is or not. I'm not wearing it because I'm currently too big for it.
pink sweater

4.  Central Park Hoodie--no progress.

5.  stripey sock--done!  Didn't expect to finish this one.  Knitted while fretting about CT scan.
stripey sock

6.  tutti frutti sock--done!  This was a good lesson in NOT postponing the 2nd sock.  The heel on the second one doesn't match the first.  I had to reconstruct the pattern itself.  Definitely made the sock a lot less fun to finish
Tutti Frutti sock

7.  pastel shawl--ripped this one back and made a Brickless out of it.  I like it so much more.  I have enough yarn left to make a Hitchhiker, too.  That will go on next quarter's list.
pastel shawl

8.  leaf sock--still have to find the pattern for this one's partner sock.  My hunt thus far has been unsuccessful.

9.  green belt--Not sure I like the buckle I picked for this one.
green belt

10.  blue sweater--I found the pattern.  Not much other progress made.

11.  icarus shawl--still on the watch for yarn that goes with the rest to finish this one off.

12.  yoda hat--almost done, may finish before FAL closes.

13.  cable scarf--still hunting up pattern.  Can't remember if I just made it up.

14.  black cardigan--I think all the pieces are done.  It still needs sewing together.  I hate the sewing together part.  That's why it's been sitting.

15.  socks scraps blanket--I have the first of at least FIVE strips done.  This one is going to be a long term finish, much like my EPP.

16.  brown alpaca sweater--Done!  I'm excited to wear this one this winter.brown alpaca sweater

Next time's list is going to be even more epic.
Finishes: 17

Linking up!